Who said that children don't
come with instructions?


Attend my parenting seminars and live or phone/Skype coaching sessions for the missing key to understanding your child's behavior and solving your child behavior problems.  I call it


The Method For Parenting


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The Method For Parenting has nothing to do with imposing child discipline, establishing boundaries, coming up with rules or issuing warnings or consequences. 


It involves you in discovering exactly what YOU are doing to cause your child's behaivor, and how to stop doing what produces what you don't want. Until you do this, any effort you make to improve things will prove frustrating and futile. 


Using The Method For Parentinginstantly brings more peace and harmony into the parent-child relationship while liberating the child's higher potential for a more happiness, better behavior, and a more fulfilling life.



Stop the battles in your home.
Discover freedom from power-struggles.
Set your child FREE to be the beautiful human being trying to come out.


"I am currently reading your parenting book and it has already made a difference in my life. It has been truly eye opening and I thank you for blessing me with such a gift. Now when I feel myself getting upset with my
children I say, “Peace and poise” to remind myself of how I should respond." C. Glover


Discover The New Parenting Wisdom


The best gift we can give our children is to face and release ourselves from the own self-limiting patterns of thought, emotion and behavior that are automatically re-produced in the child.  This is what The Method For Parenting accomplishes quickly.

As we do this, we avoid passing those patterns onto our children, and, as a result, we see their behavior improving, even as own behavior improves.


Contact me for your demonstration session over the phone or via Skype. 
It only takes about 20 minutes and the results are immediate.



Our relationship with our children provides us with the perfect opportunity to recognize and release from our own negative, limiting patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior.


The most common mistake made by parents is relying on control to produce the results we want with our children. 


The problem with this is in not recognizing how the child’s behavior is essentially nothing more than a mirror of the patterns demonstrated by the parents.  Until that causal level is addressed, no meaningful improvement can happen for the child.  The Method For Parenting quickly helps you to recognize and release from these patterns.


It is our own insecurity, anger and unhappiness patterns that have been holding us back in life, causing us dissatisfaction, disappointment, turmoil and frustration in all of our relationships, including our relationship with our children.


In fact, these same patterns cause us to feel unhappy and unfulfilled in our relationship with ourselves, and until we gain release in that core relationship we instill that same pattern of low self-value in our children, driving them to behave in ways that go counter to their own best interest, including poor school performance, disturbing public behavior, relationship conflict patterns, a lack of motivation for self-responsibility, and gravitating toward other troubled kids, not to mention a basic state of unhappiness in life. 


In my workshops, keynotes and coaching you will find essential support in recognizing and releasing from the patterns that have been making parenting, marriage, work and life in general so challenging for you. 


You will understand how those same patterns have been driving your child's challenging behavior and receive real solutions for more a more peaceful, harmonious, loving, joyful and successful parenting experience.


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I present inspiring and enlightening keynotes on how to replace
self-defeating parent-stress reaction patterns with positive, loving responses that work.


"You came as a highly recommended parenting expert, and I am so glad I made the call. Immediately Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were three of the best days of parenting our children we have had as a family in a long time. We know this is just the beginning of improving our child's behavior and our parenting experience, and I want to learn more from your parenting seminars, but we are already appreciative." M. Glaser


"I listened to your Parenting Solutions Radio Show yesterday morning on the way to work, and almost had to pull my car over. I think you were talking directly to me! (I am sure you hear that all the time). I just wanted you to know how touched I was by your message about parenting with love and child discipline, and more than that - very inspired to try something different with my kids." N. Everette



"Bob is the Peaceful Parenting Expert", J. Costello, mom of triplets


"Thank you very much for the thoughtful and insightful parenting advice Bob. Really helpful &
makes me feel very relieved." S. Levy, mother of 2 and Speech Pathologist


Tired of arguing, yelling, repeating yourself, losing your temper, draining power-struggles?  

Want to make your breakthrough out of painful clashes with your child?

Or do you simply want priceless keys for understanding your child and being the very best (and happiest) parent you can be?



Receive loving and successful parenting solutions to typical child behavior and child attitude challenges including:

  • ignoring directions  
  • tantrums        
  • lack of motivation 
  • overly aggressive  
  • weak focus
  • bedtime is a nightmare  
  • won't take 'no' for an answer
  • ugly sibling rivalry  
  • drifts off task
  • hyper child is driving you crazy
  • demands attention incessantly
  • acts out in public
  • child's friends are trouble
  • resists doing homework 
  • child watches too much TV
  • rebelious, wild, unruly      
  • child is disrespectful  
  • child is destructive     
  • low self-esteem  
  • parent's lack of emotional self-control is a problem
  • experiencing single parenting or step parenting overwhelm
  • chlidren and divorce don't seem to be mixing well


Attention Media: Bob Lancer is routinely interviewed by television and radio talk shows and news programs, major newspapers and national magazines as well as Internet Podcasts for his unique and refreshing approach positive parenting goal achievement.  To interview Bob Lancer, a seasoned media parenting expert click here.

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 Special Breakthrough Parenting Programs Available

  •  Parenting Seminars Presented at Businesses that support the bottom-line by helping workers achieve peace at home and leadership skills for improved performance, morale, teamwork and productivity on the job.    Call 770-364-9580 or click here to e-mail Bob for more information.


  • Self-Empowerment Parenting Seminars designed for parents facing social and economic challenges, empowering them to pass on self-empowering influences to their children (delivered through Headstart, Family Homeless Shelters, Recovery Centers, Incarceration Facilities and non-profit / community service organizations).  Call 770-364-9580 or click here to e-mail Bob for more information.  


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