Conscious Child Discipline Success Secrets
Invisible Child Behavior Leadership
Rewire Your Brain For Extraordinary Parenting
The Method For Improving Child Behavior
The Method For Easily Directing Child Behavior
The Method For "Curing"   Aggressive Child Behavior
The Method For Teaching Children Manners
The Method For Child Self-Discipline

Conscious Child Discipline Success Secrets


Conscious Child Discipline is NOT about dominating the child, but supporting the child's development of conscious self-direction.  Children learn by doing.  As we model conscious self-direction and help them stay on track they develop the awareness and self-mastery to demonstrate positive behavior and fulfill their glorious potential. This is child behavior guidance without strife. 


This message is presented in two parts in an audio format on my Youtube Channel. Click on the video image below to listen to this enlightened perspective with real strategies for great child behavior and development.  
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