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The Method For "Curing"
Aggressive Child Behavior


How sweet is the young child.  They seem to exude the essence of pure innocence.  What happens when that sweet innocent child becomes angry, though?  What happens when she becomes so excited that she oversteps the physical boundaries of other kids, shoving, hitting, biting, spitting?


Notice how you react to that!  You will see a reaction of aggression within you.


Here is a basic principle related to The Method For Parenting with love, and without anger or stress.  How you react to the child is the cause of the behavior you are reacting to.


I know this makes no sense on the surface.  How can something we do AFTER the child behaves be the cause of the behavior we are reacting to?


Here's how.  That aggressive reaction pattern that comes up when your child behaves aggressively was not placed in you by the child.  It comes up in you in response to the child.


Our children's behavaior is an exact reflection of the emotional and behavior patterns that we model.


As you USE your child's aggressive behavior to root out your own aggressive emotional reactions you will find your child's aggression melting away.  But you have to be consistent to see consistent improvement.


The challenge here is that freeing ourselves from our aggression is not something we can just choose to do.  No matter how hard you try to change you will find yourself falling right back into the same old patterns when the right trigger arises.


This is where The Method For Parenting comes in. It is the only reliable means that I have found to truly free us from the emotional patterns within us that sabotage our happiness and produce our problems with our children's behavior.


The next time that you are confronted with your child's aggressive behavior, look within to recognize how you are feeling in response.


Regard your child's behavior as a reflection of this internal condition of yours and do your best to calm down in the moment, to handle the situation without aggression.


This will improve things, but the real change will happen when you release yourself from that aggressive reaction programming.  You see, we convey our emotional programming to our children even when we ourselves are unconscious of that programming.


To free our children from the aggressiveness that causes suffering to other children and, ultimately, to themelves, free yourself from that same internal pattern. 

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