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The Method For Improving Child Behavior


When I am loving toward myself, my children behave lovingly toward me.


When I feel badly about myself I notice my children relating to me in ways that fel disrespectful toward me.


When I am feeling a sense of powerlessness or inadequacy within myself, I observe my children relating to me as powerless and inadequate.


When I am feeling emotionally distressed, unhappy, insecure, needy or dependent I witnss my children displaying similar moodiness, driving them into behaviors that I find frustrating to deal with.


When I am feeling discouraged I find my children demonstrating a lack of responsibility.


What I am saying here is that through the practice of honest, relentless self-awarenesss I recognize how my children's behavior is actually a mirror of my own feelings and behaviors.


I have discovered further that no matter how hard I try to improve my children's behavior without freeing myself from my own negative states, nothing I do works and every effort just makes me feel worse.


Until I discovered The Method I felt powerless to find freedom from the negativity within me that was playing out in my children's problematic behavior.  But since I began using The Method, I now have a means for steadily improving my internal patterns, and witness in amazement the improvement that brings to my children's behaviors and attitudes.


I have found that when I slip into states of anxious worry about any aspect of my life that my children reflect that with some kind of behavior that worries me.  Using The Method I can replace worry with gratitude, appreciation and the feelings of security and confidence that not only help my children but empower me to produce more of what I want in my life.


I have found in my own life and in my work with other parents that much of the strsss we experience with our children is less about their behavior and more about stress that we are experiencing in other areas of our lives and bringing into our parenting. 


If you are feeling stressed out about your marriage, your job, your finances or your health you are going to find that your children act out in ways that reinforce your stressful feelings. 


As you use The Method to replace your stress with feelings of calm confidence and security you will find better results in those areas of your life that you find challenging, including with your children.




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