New Video: The 7 Mindsets For Extraordinary Parenting, Teaching, And Living.  On this video I also discuss overcoming childhood traumas that hold us back, how to avoid passing those onto our children, and how to help children access their full positive power to overcome and recover from any trauma patterns they may have received.


Click Here to discover how The Method applies to raising yourself, your children, your whole life with love and joy, and without anger and stress in this brief  Lancer Answer Video.


Click here to hear my most recent interview where I discuss how our relationships show us how we need to grow, how to find more joy and success without control.


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Click here to hear Bob Lancer being interviewed, providing parenting solutions that you probably have never heard or thought of for raising respectful children.  

Parenting Expert and Conscious Child Behavior Guidance "Guru" Bob Lancer Presents one of his positive, peaceful and proven parenting solutions for improved child behavior. Improving YOUR self-control begins solving child behavior problems.


Parenting Expert Bob Lancer shares a powerful "child behavior guidance secret for for more loving cooperation and less parent child conflict: Children who receive too LITTLE responsiveness from their parents lack a sense of healthy, responsible boundaries. 



Click on Video to receive peaceful parenting wisdom for improving child behavior. Learn basics for achieving child discipline with love, and without anger or stress.


Bob Lancer's Happy Parenting Solutions (1) for Positive Child Behavior and Child Discipline With Love... Sponsored Motivational Minute. 


Listen to Part One of Parenting Expert Bob Lancer interviewed on Australian Radio, to receive Parenting Advice for loving, stress-free Child Behavior Guidance and Child Development, including practical applications of Montessori Principles

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