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The Method For Ending Nagging   


I’m often asked what to do about a child’s nagging, when the child won’t take "no" for an answer, asking over and over and over what he wants.


One answer is to just endure it, with love.  Don't waste your energy on trying to control the child.  Your responses are up to you.  How you feel is up to you.  What you say and do is up to you.  If the child chooses to nag, and you maintain your peace and poise, it has no effect on you.


But let's say that you find yourself becoming annoyed, frustrated and angry.  This has nothing to do with what your child is doing.  You are witnessing your own internal pattern of feeling like a victim.


When this happens the child is really doing you a favor, though it doesn't feel that way, because feeling like a victim, feeling that sense of powerlessness and insignificance, is far from pleasant.


But if you USE that event to free yourself of that victim-pattern using The Method you will accomplish a great deal.


For one thing you will find the conditions of your life generally improving to reflect your higher level of empowerment.  When we feel like a victim we cause our circumstances to reflect our powerlessness through disappointments.


In addiion to this, by improving your response to your child's nagging you will most likely find that the nagging ceases. 


Remember the principle of The Method For Parenting: how you react to your child's behavior is the cause of that behavior. 


The child's nagging is probably a manifestation of the feeling of powerlessness and victimization that you carried into that relationship.  Raise the level of your response and you raise the level of your child's behavior.


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