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The Method For Smooth Mornings


What happens in the morning is the springboard for the rest of the day.  Strife in your morning routine sets a momentum of discord and conflict into motion, sending both children and adults into the day with a lack of focus, self-esteem, self-control and motivation.


Children six years old and younger need about 45 minutes in the morning to calmly bond with their family, with their things, with their home before focusing on the tasks involved in leaving for the day. The more of this time that you spend connecting with your child in a close, loving way, the better. In this situation, as in all situations with children, the better you connect, the easier time you will have when it is time to direct.


Rushing a child to move through tasks and hurrying him out the door guarantees that you and the child experience too much unhealthy stress, strain, conflict and, ironically, more delay due to draining power-struggles.  Make it your aim to make morning a stress-free time of harmony.  If you don't believe this is possible, your mindset stands in your way.  It is possible.  It happens.  And it can happen for you.  Here are some tips to keep in mind.


1.Realize that it is really absolutely crucial that morning is consistently a time of loving, peaceful bonding for your child.

2.Do as much prep work as possible the night before, so that you can spend quality focused time with your child, doing what she likes to do.

3. Some mild TV in the morning is fine if it helps your child get out of bed and feel some sweet pleasure in the morning.  

4. Avoid power-struggles.  The less stress and strain the better.  If your young child demands help give it rather than insisting on independence.  He may just be sleepy or feeling insecure about having to be separated from you.

5.Remain calm, even if it appears that things are moving too slowly. If you become tense, chaos and conflict escalate.

6.If your child loses focus on her tasks when it is time to eat and get ready, get involved in a loving way.   

7.Use the success technique of visualization to help you. The night before, spend some time visualizing the morning routine going well.

8.  If you notice that your stress levels or emotional reaction patterns are out of your control, making a harmonious morning routine impossible, use The Method to gain freedom from these.


In sum, do not underestimate the importance of a smooth harmonious flow in the morning, nor your ability to achieve it on a consistent basis.  When things go awry, reflect upon what happened and consider how you may handle things differently for improved results. Use The Method to free yourself from the anger and stress patterns that arise.

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